General Questions

  • - How can I perform in the showcase competition?
ANSWER: Check out the qualifications under "showcase," if you feel you qualify fill out the registration form under "Register." You will get a response as to whether there are any of the 10 slots open, and if so further instructions.
  • - Why should I pre-register for the panel discussion if the event is free?
ANSWER: It gives us an idea of the number of people attending, and if we run out of seats we can reserve one for you.
  • - How can I sponsor the event or help in some way, what do you offer in your sponsorship packages?
ANSWER: You can go to the events GoFundMe account at https://www.gofundme.com/uplifting-minds-ii-entertainment-conference or you can email the event at info@ThePulseofEntertainment or call 562-424-3836 for more information.

Comedienne Luenell (center) with ULMII talent Influence and Lajune.